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-Download.Q: Python: Add attributes to html.parser.HtmlParser object I'd like to add attributes to HtmlParser object. This object is used as self.html = html.parser.HtmlParser(, document.getroot()) but I'd like to add some custom tags like this . I've read all the documentation and couldn't find anything about it. A: html.parser.HtmlParser doesn't have any method to set attributes on the nodes. You'll need to create a new custom subclass of HtmlParser and set the methods you need. What you'll probably want to do is to set your own tag with a name of your choosing, and then store the data you want to store in there. FILED NOT FOR PUBLICATION NOV 16 2012 MOLLY C. DWYER, CLERK UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS U.S. C O U R T OF APPE ALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT LORNA YULAIMA




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